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  1. "Widow, Weep for Me"
  2. "Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly"
  3. "Murder in the Afternoon"
  4. "School for Scandal"
  5. "Sing a Song of Murder"
  6. "Reflections of the Mind"
  7. "A Lady in the Lake"
  8. "Dead Heat"
  9. "Jessica Behind Bars"
  10. "Sticks and Stones"
  11. "Murder Digs Deep"
  12. "Murder by Appointment Only"
  13. "Trial by Error"
  14. "Keep the Home Fries Burning"
  15. "Powder Keg"
  16. "Murder in the Electric Cathedral"
  17. "One Good Bid Deserves a Murder"
  18. "If a Body Meet a Body"
  19. "Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday"
  20. "Menace, Anyone?"
  21. "The Perfect Foil"
  22. "If the Frame Fits"
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Production Information[]

Production Number: 60309
Aired: September 29, 1985
Written By: Peter S. Fischer
Directed By: Michael A. Hoey
Created By: Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson & William Link
Executive Producers: Peter S. Fischer
Producer Robert F. O'Neill


When Jessica gets several distressing letters from a friend begging for help, and then that friend is later murdered at the tropical island resort she is staying at, Jessica decides to get to the bottom of things. So Jessica flies off to the luxurious island getaway undercover as a wealthy recluse and meets all of the people who had connections with her late friend. While everyone else on the island believes her friend's murder was simply a burglary gone wrong, Jessica believes it's something far more complicated.


This was Len Cariou's first appearance in the recurring role of British agent Michael Hagarty.

Angela Lansbury and her guest star, Len Cariou, had starred on Broadway together in the ground-breaking Sondheim musical "Sweeney Todd" in 1979.

Victim(s): Alva Crane, Antoinette Farnsworth

Killer: Sheldon Greenberg

Cause of death: Stabbing

Motive: To steal their jewels and become wealthy.


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Len Cariou as Michael Hagarty

Guest Stars[]

Cyd Charisse as Myrna Montclaire LeRoy

Mel Ferrer as Eric Brahm

Howard Hesseman as Sheldon Greenburg

John Philip Law as Sven Torvald

Anne Lockhart as Veronica Harold

Raymond St. Jacques as Chief Inspector Claude Rensselaer

Mary Wickes as Mrs. Alva Crane


Jerry Boyd as Doorman

Emmett Dennis as Sergeant D'Arcy

Geoff Heise as Barnes

Ed Randolph as Croupier

Ektara as Desk Clerk

Reggie Savard as Antoinette Farnsworth

Claude Cole as Bellman

Tony Webster as StewardMarilyn Conn as Secretary

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