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  1. "Trials & Tribulations"
  2. "Deadly Misunderstanding"
  3. "See You in Court, Baby"
  4. "Hannigan's Wake"
  5. "The Family Jewels"
  6. "A Body to Die For"
  7. "The Return of Preston Giles"
  8. "The Great Twain Robbery"
  9. "Ballad for a Blue Lady"
  10. "Murder in F Sharp"
  11. "Family Doctor"
  12. "Suspicion of Murder"
  13. "Moving Violation"
  14. "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?"
  15. "The Taxman Cometh"
  16. "From the Horse's Mouth"
  17. "The Prodigal Father"
  18. "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy"
  19. "Thursday's Child"
  20. "Murder, Plain & Simple"
  21. "Tainted Lady"
  22. "The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane"
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Production Information[]

Production Number:
Aired: March 17th, 1991
Written By: Peter S. Fischer
Directed By: John Llewellyn Moxey
Created By: Peter S. Fischer and Richard Levinson & William Link
Executive Producers: Peter S. Fischer
Producers: Anthony Magro

Robert F. O'Neill

Robert E. Swanson

Robert Van Scoyk


Dennis relates to Jessica his latest case, which involves nerdy ventriloquist Elwood Perkins, whose dummy, Billy Boy, has gone missing. Although Dennis locates the dummy, it is found near the body of Kate Kelley, co-owner of the comedy club where Perkins works, and, since he was seen leaving before the murder, becomes the prime suspect in her death. Determined to help him, Dennis investigates to smoke out the real culprit.


Fourteenth of 15 "bookend" episodes in which Jessica only appears at the beginning to introduce them; the others are Murder in a Minor Key (Episode), The Grand Old Lady, Jack & Bill, Class Act, Goodbye Charlie, Murder - According to Maggie, O'Malley's Luck, Always a Thief, The Sicilian Encounter, See You in Court, Baby, The Great Twain Robbery, Murder in F Sharp & Suspicion of Murder. Also, the seventh of these episodes to feature a recurring character instead of a new one and the sixth with Dennis Stanton; the others are Always a Thief, The Sicilian Encounter (with Michael Haggerty), See You in Court, Baby, The Great Twain Robbery, Murder in F Sharp, & Suspicion of Murder.

Birds of a Feather, from season 1, also involved the murder of a tyrannical nightclub owner.

Guest star Marty Ingels is well known as a nightclub comedian; he is also married to Shirley Jones, who guest starred previously.

Victim: Kate Kelley

Killer: Joe Gelardi

Cause of death: Bludgeoned with a hammer.

Motive: Was threatening to ban Woody from the club after learning he sabotaged his Vegas gig, and he didn't want to see that happen, as it did to his ex, Sally Templeton


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Keith Michell as Dennis Stanton

James Sloyan as Robert Butler

Ken Swofford as Lt. Perry Catalano

Hallie Todd as Rhoda Markowitz

Guest Stars[]

Georgia Brown as Kate Kelley

Teri Copley as Brenda McCoy

Leslie Easterbrook as Sally Templeton

Marty Ingels as Joe Gelardi

Jim Metzler as Tom Benzinger

Grant Shaud as Elwood "Woody" Perkins

Lyle Waggoner as Vic DeMarco


Mike Jolly as Elmo

David Stenstrom as Budding Comic

Jeffrey Jena as Comic #2

Jana Grant as Insurance #2 Co-worker

Kevin McCoy as Insurance #1 Co-worker

Susan Welby as Insurance #4 Co-worker

Matt McCarter as Insurance #3 Co-worker

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