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We're Off to Kill the Wizard is the eighth episode of the first season of Murder, She Wrote.


In a case of art imitating life, a disagreeable amusement park owner is found murdered after hiring Jessica to design the House of Horror.


Guest Stars[]


  • Real life siblings, Joaquin Phoenix and Summer Phoenix, play Jessica's great-nephew and great-niece.
  • When Richard Sanders's character tries to escape from the airport, actor John Mahoney can be seen in the background watching him run past.
  • Jessica Fletcher is shown autographing one of her books titled Dirge for a Dead Dachshund.
  • The title references the phrase "We're off to see the Wizard", a line from a song from The Wizard of Oz (1939).
  • This is Kristoffer Tabori's first appearance on Murder, She Wrote. He was also in Season 2's "Sing a Song of Murder," Season 5's "Truck Stop," and Season 10's "Portrait of Death."


  • When Arnold Megrim (Richard Sanders) walks into Phillip Carlson's (Kristoffer Tabori) office to tell him that Jessica Fletcher is there, you can see the shadow of a boom mike in the upper left-hand corner of the screen as Megrim enters during the wide shot.
  • The check Jessica gives to Laurie Bascomb is in an envelope. When she takes the check out of the envelope, Laurie hugs Bert Donovan then holds the check upside down but visible. The check is blank.
  • When Horatio's head hits the statue in the re-enactment, the base of the stature gives way as if made of foam rubber.

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