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  1. "A Nest of Vipers"
  2. "Amsterdam Kill"
  3. "To Kill a Legend"
  4. "Death in Hawaii"
  5. "Dear Deadly"
  6. "The Murder Channel"
  7. "Fatal Paradise"
  8. "Crimson Harvest"
  9. "Murder by Twos"
  10. "Murder of the Month Club"
  11. "An Egg to Die For"
  12. "The Scent of Murder"
  13. "Death 'n Denial"
  14. "Murder in High-C"
  15. "Twice Dead"
  16. "Film Flam"
  17. "Murder a la Mode"
  18. "The Dream Team"
  19. "School for Murder"
  20. "Another Killing in Cork"
  21. "Game, Set, Murder"
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The Law & Harry McGraw

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Episode Chronology[]

Jessica's friend, a Nobel Prize winner, fakes his death to protect the formula he's developing, but ends up dead for real.

Victim: Max Franklin

Killer: Liz White

Cause of Death: Bludgeoned with an ashtray

Motive: Upset when he went back to treating her as his servant after breaking off their relationship.

When Jessica had discovered that Max had left clues for her to learn of the town house, where he was found dead in & she went there with Liz, where's the story to explain Liz knowing about that town house before Jessica had discovered the clues that had led her there?

Where's the story that had Max using his cell phone to call Liz, given as to when they had played up of him using it.

Just like Days of Our Lives right now, yes, the seduction of Leo Stark was put into motion, but can you really see Chad allowing himself to be overheard by Leo , by making the call that allowed Leo to overhear it?, just like here, not once did they play up Max using his cellphone until the denouement in order to play up that Liz had went there to get the disk that led her to kill him, now did it?

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