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Trish Langley.jpg
Trish Langley
Gender: Female
Current Status: Deceased (murdered by Marcus Boswell)
Professional Information
Personal Information
Denton Langley (father, deceased)
Spencer Langley(brother)
Morgana Cramer(sister)
Echo Cramer (niece)
Episode Chronology
First Appearance: It's a Dog's Life
Played By
Actor: Lenore Kasdorf

Trish Langley was Denton Langley's daughter, Morgana and Spencer's sister and Echo's aunt. She and her father were both murdered by his attorney, Marcus Boswell, in order to frame the sole inheritor, Denton's dog, for the crimes.


Boswell got Trish drunk, causing her to fall asleep in the gateway, before getting the dog to close it and crush her head.