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Tracy Macgill.jpg
Tracy McGill
Gender: Female
Current Status: Alive
Professional Information
Occupation: Jockey
Personal Information
Relatives: Martin McGill (father)

Jessica Fletcher (aunt)
Marshall MacGill (uncle)
Pamela Crane (cousin)

Episode Chronology
Episode: Dead Heat
Episode Count: 1
Played By
Actor: Linda Grovenor

Tracy McGill is Jessica Fletcher's niece, as the daughter of her brother Martin McGill.

Tracy is a novice jockey at Hybiscus Park horse racing track, who gets visited by her aunt Jessica on the day of her debut. When jockey Carlos Gallegos suffers an indigestion, trainer Jack Bowen assigns Tracy to ride champion race horse Anchors Ahoy, who wins the race. When Bowen is killed amid suspicions of race fixing, Tracy becomes the main suspect until her aunt Jessica manages to clear her name.