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  1. "A Death in Hong Kong"
  2. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  3. "The Legacy of Borbey House"
  4. "The Phantom Killer"
  5. "A Virtual Murder"
  6. "Bloodlines"
  7. "A Killing in Cork"
  8. "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove"
  9. "Murder at a Discount"
  10. "Murder in White"
  11. "Northern Explosion"
  12. "Proof in the Pudding"
  13. "Portrait of Death"
  14. "Deadly Assets"
  15. "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor"
  16. "Time to Die"
  17. "The Dying Game"
  18. "The Trouble with Seth"
  19. "Roadkill"
  20. "A Murderous Muse"
  21. "Wheel of Death"
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Production Information[]

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Written By:
Directed By:
Created By:
Executive Producers:


Jessica's teen writing class has two promising students, Alida and Chris. But when Chris' loan-shark stepfather turns up dead after pursuing Alida and fleeing a hit-and-run, Chris is the prime suspect.

Victim: Frank Garcia

Killer: Mario Fernandez

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Motive: Frank was blackmailing him after he learned he was rigging his pigeon races to make some quick cash.


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

Robert Beltran as Frank Garcia
Bridgid Coulter as Tammy Fisher
Marta DuBois as Maria Garcia (as Marta Dubois)
Billy Gallo as Chris Garcia (as William Gallo)
Gladise Jiminez as Alida Alvarez (as Gladys Jimenez)
Ronald G. Joseph as Joe Mancuso
Janet MacLachlan as Barbara Fisher (as Janet Mac Lachlan)
Rudy Ramos as Mario Fernandez
Stan Shaw as Det. Sgt. Vince Lofton
Gregg Thomsen as Manny Castillo
Rick Dano as Detective Boyd (as Richard Dano)

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