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  1. "Appointment in Athens"
  2. "Seal of the Confessional"
  3. "The Grand Old Lady"
  4. "The Error of Her Ways"
  5. "Jack & Bill"
  6. "Dead Letter"
  7. "Night of the Tarantula"
  8. "When the Fat Lady Sings"
  9. "Test of Wills"
  10. "Class Act"
  11. "Town Father"
  12. "Goodbye Charlie"
  13. "If the Shoe Fits"
  14. "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying"
  15. "The Fixer-Upper"
  16. "The Big Show of 1965"
  17. "Murder - According to Maggie"
  18. "O'Malley's Luck"
  19. "Always a Thief"
  20. "Shear Madness"
  21. "The Szechuan Dragon"
  22. "The Sicilian Encounter"
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Production Information[]

Production Number:
Aired: May 20th, 1990
Written By: Robert E. Swanson
Directed By: Kevin G. Cremin
Created By: Peter S. Fischer and Richard Levinson & William Link
Executive Producers: Peter S. Fischer
Producers: Robert E. Swanson & Robert Van Scoyk


Jessica retrieves a tape in the mail from her old friend, Michael Haggerty, who relates his latest case, involving Englishman Peter Baines wanting to marry Mafia widow Claudia Carboni, while MI6 competes with the CIA & Mafia to retrieve a black book and lots of money, with plenty of surprises and double dealing along the way.


Ninth of 14 "bookend" episodes in which Jessica only appears at the beginning to introduce them; the others are Murder in a Minor Key (Episode), The Grand Old Lady, Jack & Bill, Class Act, Goodbye Charlie, Murder - According to Maggie, O'Malley's Luck, & Always a Thief. Also, second of these episodes to feature a recurring character instead of a new one; the first was Always a Thief with Dennis Stanton.

Third appearance for the late George DiCenzo. He also appeared in We're Off to Kill the Wizard and The Perfect Foil, playing a murder victim in both.

Peter Baines is a relative of Harold Baines, the culprit in Appointment in Athens, the first episode of the season, and even played by the same actor. Michael notes that Harold is still in jail, thanks to him and "a writer friend."

Victim(s): Llewellyn Morganstern & "Gino Carboni."

Killer(s): Mario Carboni & Antonio Carboni

Cause of death: Throat slit; stabbed in chest

Motive: To prevent him from informing MI6 about the book; he was impersonating one of their relatives.


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Len Cariou as MI6 Agent Michael Haggerty

Guest Stars[]

Vincent Baggetta as Antonio (DeRenaldi)

Joseph Cali as Gino Carboni

George DiCenzo as Mario (Guzman)

Deidre Hall as Claudia Carboni

Robert Miranda as Gino Carboni

Ian Ogilvy as Peter Baines

John Standing as Chief Daniel Trent


Ralph Manza as Father Anselmo

Daniel Trent as Barton (Johnstone)

Ralph DeLia as Pilot

Anthony DeFonte as Tailor

Stephen Poletti as Bank Clerk

Marianne Bergonzi as Woman

Gina Minervini as Maid

Jovin Montanara as Bellman

James Garrett as Llewellyn (Morganstern)

Steve Natoli as Waiter

Daniel Anderson as Korshack

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