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  1. "A Death in Hong Kong"
  2. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  3. "The Legacy of Borbey House"
  4. "The Phantom Killer"
  5. "A Virtual Murder"
  6. "Bloodlines"
  7. "A Killing in Cork"
  8. "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove"
  9. "Murder at a Discount"
  10. "Murder in White"
  11. "Northern Explosion"
  12. "Proof in the Pudding"
  13. "Portrait of Death"
  14. "Deadly Assets"
  15. "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor"
  16. "Time to Die"
  17. "The Dying Game"
  18. "The Trouble with Seth"
  19. "Roadkill"
  20. "A Murderous Muse"
  21. "Wheel of Death"
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Production Information[]

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Written By:
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Jessica comes to the aid of a promising young reporter when he is suspected of murdering a rival magazine's unscrupulous publisher.

Victim: Harrison Kane

Killer: Kathryn Scofield

Cause of Death: Electrocution via hairdryer in his bathtub.

Motive: Overheard him making a pass at Abby Peters and realized what a womanizer he really was.

Kathryn's prints may have been all over the magazine, but, with the mailing label being addressed to Hans Dietrich, his prints are on it as well, so with his prints on the magazine, given the mailing label being addressed to him, his prints would have smudged Kathryn's prints as well, & I kind of doubt that partial prints can be traced back to her because then they would have to arrest Hans because he too would have been an accessory as well, because she was under his employ as well. Don't you think?

Especially, given that he may not have known that Kathryn was the killer, but, with her under his employ, he too would go down for harboring a murderer to stay in his employ.


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

Vanessa Angel as Kathryn Scofield

Christian Bocher as Dave Wolski

Herb Edelman as NYPD Lieutenant Artie Gelber (as Herbert Edelman)

Janet Julian as Ellen Harper

David Kriegel as Ben Forman

Jack Laufer as Carter Drummond

Reiner Schöne as Hans Dietrich (as Reiner Schoene)

Alan Thicke as Harrison M. Kane

Scott Valentine as Dean Richards

Emily Warfield as Abby Peters

Leonard Lightfoot as Detective Henderson

Mark Barriere as Waiter

Steven Martini as (uncredited)

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