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  1. "Widow, Weep for Me"
  2. "Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly"
  3. "Murder in the Afternoon"
  4. "School for Scandal"
  5. "Sing a Song of Murder"
  6. "Reflections of the Mind"
  7. "A Lady in the Lake"
  8. "Dead Heat"
  9. "Jessica Behind Bars"
  10. "Sticks and Stones"
  11. "Murder Digs Deep"
  12. "Murder by Appointment Only"
  13. "Trial by Error"
  14. "Keep the Home Fries Burning"
  15. "Powder Keg"
  16. "Murder in the Electric Cathedral"
  17. "One Good Bid Deserves a Murder"
  18. "If a Body Meet a Body"
  19. "Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday"
  20. "Menace, Anyone?"
  21. "The Perfect Foil"
  22. "If the Frame Fits"
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Production Information[]

Production Number:
Aired: April 13th, 1986
Written By: Robert E. Swanson
Directed By: Walter Grauman
Created By: Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson & William Link
Executive Producers: Peter S. Fischer
Producer: Robert F. O'Neill


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Guest Stars[]

Barbara Babcock as Roslyn Gardner

Peter Bonerz as Calhoun Fletcher

Cesare Danova as Lt. Edmond Cavette

George Di Cenzo as Johnny Blaze

Robert Forster as Gilbert Gaston

David Hedison as Mitch Payne

Lisa Langlois as Kitty Manette

Penny Singleton as Aunt Mildred

Granville Van Dusen as Brad Gardner


In New Orleans at Mari Gras, Calhoun, a distant cousin of Jessica's, is falsely accused of the murder of criminal Johnny Blaze.


The late George Di Cenzo previously played a victim in We're Off to Kill the Wizard.

Guest star Granville Van Dusen (Brad Gardner) is probably best known as the voice of Race Bannon in the 80's version of Johnny Quest.

Victim: Johnny Blaze

Killer: Gilbert Gaston

Cause of death: Stabbed with a letter opener.

Motive: Feared he would find out he was seeing Kitty Manette, Blaze's girlfriend, and kill them both.

DVD Release[]

Murder, She Wrote; the Complete Second Season

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