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  1. "A Nest of Vipers"
  2. "Amsterdam Kill"
  3. "To Kill a Legend"
  4. "Death in Hawaii"
  5. "Dear Deadly"
  6. "The Murder Channel"
  7. "Fatal Paradise"
  8. "Crimson Harvest"
  9. "Murder by Twos"
  10. "Murder of the Month Club"
  11. "An Egg to Die For"
  12. "The Scent of Murder"
  13. "Death 'n Denial"
  14. "Murder in High-C"
  15. "Twice Dead"
  16. "Film Flam"
  17. "Murder a la Mode"
  18. "The Dream Team"
  19. "School for Murder"
  20. "Another Killing in Cork"
  21. "Game, Set, Murder"
Murder, She Wrote: Season Twelve
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The Law & Harry McGraw

Production Information[]

Production Number:
Written By:
Directed By:
Created By:
Executive Producers:


Regular Cast: Angela Lansbury (Jessica Fletcher)[]

Guest Law Enforcers: John Capodice ( Lieutenant Giordano ) James Kiriyama-Lem ( Medical Examiner)

Guest Cast: Katherine Cressida (Darlene Farber); Dan Ferro (Roy Phipps);[]

Betty Freeman (1st committee woman); Charles Hallahan (Barry Noble); Gary Harshberger (Bob MacKenzie: Vincent Howard (College Professor); Heidi Kling (Kitty Colfax); Aaron Lustig (Augie Blumbacher); Stephen Quadros ( Alex Dorsey); Perrey Reeves ( Susan Constable) Doris Roberts ( Mrs. Leah Colfax); Jessica Walter Gwen Noble); Don Yesso (Leo Kositchek).

Motive: The wrong party ended up hearing that one of her employees was a part of a robbery of her place of business when she had gotten a call from an overseas diamond smuggler.

Goofs: When they had found smudges on Leah's apartment carpeting ending up being olive oil. Her daughter had just bought groceries, one of them could have been a bottle of olive oil that had fallen & broke in order for the stains to be there, remember, Augie's shoe prints weren't shown when they had found the smudges, so with Augie's footprints not found in the smudges, they can't prove he fired the deadly shots into Gwen, now can they?

Victim: Gwen Noble

Killer: Augie Grumbacher

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Motive: Gwen Noble found out that Augie Grumbacher stole an uncut diamond was going to cut it and sell the cut gems to a black market dealer for millions of dollars.

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