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  1. "Murder in Milan"
  2. "Family Secrets"
  3. "The Mole"
  4. "The Wind Around the Tower"
  5. "The Dead File"
  6. "Night of the Coyote"
  7. "Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice"
  8. "The Classic Murder"
  9. "A Christmas Secret"
  10. "The Sound of Murder"
  11. "Final Curtain"
  12. "Double Jeopardy"
  13. "Dead Eye"
  14. "Killer Radio"
  15. "The Petrified Florist"
  16. "Threshold of Fear"
  17. "The Big Kill"
  18. "Dead to Rights"
  19. "Lone Witness"
  20. "Ship of Thieves"
  21. "The Survivor"
  22. "Love's Deadly Desire"
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Production Information[]

Production Number:
Written By:
Directed By:
Created By:
Executive Producers:


While on a cruise, Jessica helps an old friend, now a ship's security chief, investigate when a woman is found dead in the cargo area.

Victim: Janet Fisk

Killer: Leslie Hunter

Cause of Death: Thrown from a balcony

Motive: Feared Janet would expose her as the smuggler.

Leslie wasn't the one that killed Janet Fiske, she was shot before the ship had set sail, remember, the beginning of the episode Janet was shot first & that wasn't Merriweather that did it, now was it, plus, the fact that the only person that saw the lighter was Alma Sobel who purloined the lighter, so I can't see how Leslie would have seen Janet with the Captain, given the shooting took place before the ship had set sail. Think about it, not once did they play up the story as to how Janet knew that Leslie was the one who was the smuggler, now did they ? If Janet had known that Leslie was the smuggler, then why the story for Jessica, the arresting officer, the Captain to be the only ones to know of it ?


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Keith Michell as Dennis Stanton

Guest Stars[]

Dwier Brown as Philip Polachek

Jon Cypher as Capt. Rory O'Neil

Michelle Johnson as Janet Fisk

Lee Meriwether as Leslie Hunter

Albie Selznick as Marvin Sobel

Ellia Thompson as Molly Altrip

George Tovar as Roland Devereux

Jane Withers as Alma Sobel

Michael Woods as Lance Brinegar


Sharon Lee Jones as Diana Peale

Jack Garner as Mr. Worthington

Sarah Partridge as Agnes Lowry

Sammy Goldstein as Comic

Kim Delgado as Purser

J.R. Starr as Shopkeeper (as J. R. Starr)

Walter Kelley as Passenger

Towers Monaco as Seaman

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