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  1. "Murder in Milan"
  2. "Family Secrets"
  3. "The Mole"
  4. "The Wind Around the Tower"
  5. "The Dead File"
  6. "Night of the Coyote"
  7. "Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice"
  8. "The Classic Murder"
  9. "A Christmas Secret"
  10. "The Sound of Murder"
  11. "Final Curtain"
  12. "Double Jeopardy"
  13. "Dead Eye"
  14. "Killer Radio"
  15. "The Petrified Florist"
  16. "Threshold of Fear"
  17. "The Big Kill"
  18. "Dead to Rights"
  19. "Lone Witness"
  20. "Ship of Thieves"
  21. "The Survivor"
  22. "Love's Deadly Desire"
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Production Information[]

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Jessica helps the sheriff of an old Western town solve a murder that is connected to a legendary stagecoach robber's long-lost treasure.


In Murder, She Wrote: Night of the Coyote (1992), Sheriff Sam Keeyani (Graham Greene) gives the definition of Anasazi, as "ancient enemies" and Jessica accepts this. In Murder, She Wrote: Murder Digs Deep (1985), Jessica uses the definition of Anasazi as 'the ancient ones," (not enemies) to determine Raymond Two Crows (Randolph Mantooth) was impersonating a native expert. The word Anasazi belongs to the Navajo language and means "the ancient ones".


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Guest Stars[]

Frederick Coffin

Steve Forrest

Graham Greene as Sheriff Sam Keeyani

Mariette Hartley

Gary Kaspar

James Stephens

Nicholas Surovy

Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman


Joanelle Nadine Romero as Alice Chee

Laura Wernette as Betty

Roman J. Cisneros as Unnamed Deputy

Ernie Vincent as Mr. Wheatman

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another trivia question? In the scene where Jessica is in the Coyote canyon and turns around and sees Graham green after they talk, before he disappears he finds Jessica's pen she was missing. The brand name of the pen was a pelican Souveran black and green. My question is was it a rollerball pen or a fountain pen and from what collection did it come from the 200 series 4 00 600 800 or 1000. After Graham green disappears Jessica finds your pen holds it up and kisses it (cuz they're very expensive mind you) and then walks off.