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Murder, She Wrote: Season One


  1. "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes"
  2. "Deadly Lady"
  3. "Birds of a Feather"
  4. "Hooray for Homicide"
  5. "It's a Dog's Life"
  6. "Lovers and Other Killers"
  7. "Hit, Run and Homicide"
  8. "We're Off to Kill the Wizard"
  9. "Death Takes a Curtain Call"
  10. "Death Casts a Spell"
  11. "Capitol Offense"
  12. "Broadway Malady"
  13. "Murder to a Jazz Beat"
  14. "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean"
  15. "Paint Me a Murder"
  16. "Tough Guys Don't Die"
  17. "Sudden Death"
  18. "Footnote to Murder"
  19. "Murder Takes the Bus"
  20. "Armed Response"
  21. "Murder at the Oasis"
  22. "Funeral at Fifty-Mile"
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Production Information[]

Murder to a Jazz Beat
MtaJB Screenshot.JPG
Production Number: 59212
Aired: 3 February, 1985
Written By: David Abramowitz
Paul Savage
Directed By: Walter Grauman
Created By: Richard Levinson
William Link
Peter S. Fischer
Executive Producer: Peter S. Fischer
Producer Robert F. O'Neill
Associate Producer Mike Stevens


While in New Orleans, Jessica must solve the mysterious murder of a famous musician who died from a heart attack while performing onstage.


Victim: Ben Coleman

Killer: Eddie Walters

Cause of Death: Cyanide poisoning, via his clarinet reed.

Motive: Ben had threatened to kill his wife, Callie Coleman, despite her having covered for them in the past for something they did, and Eddie couldn't allow that.

Setting: New Orleans


When the taxi drops Jessica off at station WDBX, which is supposed to be in New Orleans, a portion of Hollywood's iconic Capitol Records building is clearly visible in the background of a long shot down the street.

When Jessica enters the "New Orleans" studio, stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame are visible on the sidewalk.

The news director at WDBX New Orleans keeps referring to "The 11 O'clock News". New Orleans is on Central Time, so the news would have been on at 10 o'clock.


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DVD Release[]

This episode was released with the other 21 episodes of the first season of Murder, She Wrote in a variety of formats.

Title Release Date Region
Murder, She Wrote: The Complete First Season March 29, 2005 Region 1 (North America)
Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 August 29, 2005 Region 2 (Europe)
Murder, She Wrote: The Complete 1st Season May 2, 2007 Region 4 (Australasia)

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