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  1. "A Death in Hong Kong"
  2. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  3. "The Legacy of Borbey House"
  4. "The Phantom Killer"
  5. "A Virtual Murder"
  6. "Bloodlines"
  7. "A Killing in Cork"
  8. "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove"
  9. "Murder at a Discount"
  10. "Murder in White"
  11. "Northern Explosion"
  12. "Proof in the Pudding"
  13. "Portrait of Death"
  14. "Deadly Assets"
  15. "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor"
  16. "Time to Die"
  17. "The Dying Game"
  18. "The Trouble with Seth"
  19. "Roadkill"
  20. "A Murderous Muse"
  21. "Wheel of Death"
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Production Information[]

Production Number:
Written By:
Directed By:
Created By:
Executive Producers:


When Jessica is called to London to rewrite the stage adaptation of her novel, she must prove her actress friend innocent of killing a producer.

Victim: Martin Kramer

Killer: Oliver Hopkins

Cause of Death: Stabbed with a knife

Motive: Was in love with Sally Briggs and was furious when he Martin threaten Sally to sleep with him or he would fire Franklin Smith.


Even though set in England, no scenes were filmed there.


They refer to John Camden as the 17th Earl of Glen Haven. Then at the end, it is mentioned that his son cannot abdicate and will always be the 17th earl. As the son, he would be the 18th earl.

Edward fails to remember Edward the VIII, who abdicated for Wallis Simpson, so you tell me as to how Brett can't abdicate ?


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

Pauline Brailsford as Detective Chief Insp. Ellen Jarvis
Davis Gaines as Peter Drew
Norman Lloyd as Edward St. Cloud
Jean Marsh as Glenda Highsmith
Anne Meara as Mae Shaughnessy
Ian Ogilvy as Lawson Childress
Michael Palance as Franklin Smith
Dedee Pfeiffer as Sally Briggs
Jim Piddock as Malcolm Brooker
Tim Ransom as Brett Dillon
Robin Sachs as Martin Kramer
G.W. Stevens as Oliver Hopkins (as G. W. Stevens)
Jonathan Wood as Insp. Ernest Martindale
Edmund L. Shaff as Lester Perth (as Edmund L Shaff)
Gale Van Cott as Policewoman
Sean Howse as Policeman #1 (as Seãn Francis Howse)
Nick Meaney as Waiter at Binkie's (as Nick Meany)

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