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Murder, She Wrote (Board Game)
Published By: Warren Industries
Paul Lamond Games Ltd
Year Published: 1985
Number of Players: 4 - 6
Playing Time: 60 Mins
Contents: 1 Game Board
6 Pawns
2 Dice
6 Identity Tiles
6 Colour Markers
15 Dead Tokens
15 Alive Tokens
1 Accusing dial
12 plastic rings

The Dust Jacket[]

"The game is murder and the players are the pawns. A murderer has struck on an isolated island resort. Four witnesses, who may know to much, are in mortal danger. The irrepressible Jessica Fletcher must solve this whoodunit and capture the culprit before more lives are endangered. One player is the murderer, who stealthily attempts to silence witnesses, cover his tracks and elude capture. The other players, like Jessica, use deduction and the process of elimination to pursue and apprehend the murderer. Suspicion runs rampant... no one knows who is who! Deception is the strategy as every move requires cunning and every turn provides a new twist!"
— From The Back of the Box


Each player gets a coloured pawn, rings, and an identity tile. The players secretly look at their identity tile (so that no one will know who the murderer is), and then put their color marker into it. Each character on the board is given a facedown alive tile. Players then leave the room and take turns returning to the room for a moment. This process is so that the killer can replace one of the Alive tiles with a dead tile; This is how the first murder occurs.

Then the game begins. Players roll the dice and move around the board on their turn. When a player ends his/her turn at a location, you can look at the character’s Alive/Dead tile to check their status. Then you place a colored ring onto the “Last In” circle next to that character, sliding any other rings down a space. The key is that, when looking at the tile the player must throw it back into the bin of tiles and replace it. Detectives put back the exact same type of tile, but the killer can replace an Alive tile with a Dead tile, killing the character. A detective wins if he/she goes to the Accuse space and correctly guesses the identity of the killer. The killer wins if he/she is able to kill 5 people and go to an Escape space.

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