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  1. "Trials & Tribulations"
  2. "Deadly Misunderstanding"
  3. "See You in Court, Baby"
  4. "Hannigan's Wake"
  5. "The Family Jewels"
  6. "A Body to Die For"
  7. "The Return of Preston Giles"
  8. "The Great Twain Robbery"
  9. "Ballad for a Blue Lady"
  10. "Murder in F Sharp"
  11. "Family Doctor"
  12. "Suspicion of Murder"
  13. "Moving Violation"
  14. "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?"
  15. "The Taxman Cometh"
  16. "From the Horse's Mouth"
  17. "The Prodigal Father"
  18. "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy"
  19. "Thursday's Child"
  20. "Murder, Plain & Simple"
  21. "Tainted Lady"
  22. "The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane"
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The Law & Harry McGraw

Production Information[]

Production Number:
Aired: February 3rd, 1991
Written By: Robert E. Swanson
Directed By: Anthony (Pullen) Shaw
Created By: Peter S. Fischer

and Richard Levinson

& William Link

Executive Producers: Peter S. Fischer
Producers: Anthony Magro

Robert F. O'Neill

Robert E. Swanson

Robert Van Scoyk


Sheriff Metzer defies political pressure and arrests an ambassador's son for various charges. Later, the son is found dead and Metzger finds himself charged with murder.


The title refers to a ticket or a summons issued by an officer of the law for a violation of the law committed by the driver of a vehicle while it is in motion as opposed to a violation related to parking, driver's license or vehicle registration.

This was Harry Guardino's second, and final, appearance as Jessica's reporter friend Haskell Drake. It also was his third appearance overall.

David Lansbury, the actor who plays the ambassador's son, is actually related to Angela Lansbury in real life; he is her nephew and co-starred a total of three times on the show. David's uncle, Bruce Lansbury, one of Angela's brothers, is also connected to the production of Murder, She Wrote.

Guest star Susan Clark is probably best known for starring on the sitcom Webster with her real life husband, the late Alex Karras.

Meredith Hellman's first name was never mentioned in the episode.

Victim: Bradley "Brad" Hellman

Killer: Meredith Hellman

Cause of death: Two gunshots.

Motive: His wild antics were affecting the reputations of both herself and his father, Chandler Hellman.


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Ron Masak as Sheriff Morton Metzger

Richard Paul as Mayor Samuel Booth

Harry Guardino as Haskell Drake

Will Nye as Deputy Floyd

Guest Stars[]

Susan Clark as Meredith Hellman

Jack Colvin as Ambassador Chandler Hellman

Robert Ginty as Lt. Avery Powell

Philip Baker Hall as Len Costner

David Lansbury as Bradley "Brad" Hellman

Stephen Macht as Attorney Jason Farrell

Suzanne Snyder as Morgan Phillips


Lois de Banzie as Phyllis Costner

Barbara C. Adside as Janet Costner

Phyllis Franklin as Mabel

Daniel Ben Wilson as Mickey

Jason Bo Sharon as Billy

Britt Leach as Arnold, Dsk Manager (uncredited)

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