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Lovers and Other Killers is the sixth episode of the first season of Murder, She Wrote.


Jessica searches for clues hidden in rainy Seattle when her personal secretary is accused of murdering his wealthy girlfriend.


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  • This was the first episode to be filmed (and may have been a second pilot to the series). This is the only episode to be produced by Douglas Benton; Robert F. O'Neill was the producer for every other episode until the fifth season, when he became supervising producer (a title he had in this episode). The typeface for the opening credits is noticeably larger and whiter than for any other episode; the episode itself contains two sequences for the opening credits not seen in the pilot or in the Jessica-typing sequence (Jessica firing a fake gun for a class and someone pushing Jessica, in silhouette, down a flight of stairs); and the closing credits are run slightly differently: there is a break between each credit card (the series virtually always jumped from one card to another with no breaks). There are also fewer guest stars (seven) on this show than on any other, with several bit players not credited at all (the old society lady killed at the beginning, two Chinese nuns and several classroom students have speaking parts but aren't listed).
  • Filmed in Seattle locations, including Seattle Center and the University of Washington.
  • When Jessica was bringing up who is a bigger celebrity other than herself, she mentions Elizabeth Taylor. Lansbury portrayed Taylor's older sister in the 1944 film National Velvet.
  • Grant Goodeve also appeared in Season 3's "Dead Man's Gold" and Season 4's "A Very Good Year for Murder".
  • Peter Graves and Greg Morris had previously worked together on Mission: Impossible.
  • Andrew Stevens played another creepy gigolo/womanizer in the 1990 Columbo movie, "Murder in Malibu."


  • David Tolliver refers to Jack Kowalski as Jack Schroeder.
  • When Dr. Gerard is paying the bill for his lunch with Jessica, the check is clearly not for the meal they just had, but for the meal Jessica had with David Tolliver. The total is over $50, and items include the Chateaubriand David had mentioned and other pricey dinner items, but NOT the coffee Jessica is drinking at lunch. The production obviously just re-used the other receipt.

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