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  1. "Murder in Milan"
  2. "Family Secrets"
  3. "The Mole"
  4. "The Wind Around the Tower"
  5. "The Dead File"
  6. "Night of the Coyote"
  7. "Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice"
  8. "The Classic Murder"
  9. "A Christmas Secret"
  10. "The Sound of Murder"
  11. "Final Curtain"
  12. "Double Jeopardy"
  13. "Dead Eye"
  14. "Killer Radio"
  15. "The Petrified Florist"
  16. "Threshold of Fear"
  17. "The Big Kill"
  18. "Dead to Rights"
  19. "Lone Witness"
  20. "Ship of Thieves"
  21. "The Survivor"
  22. "Love's Deadly Desire"
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Sibella Stone is a best-selling novellist, just like Jessica Fletcher. But, one night, her personal assistant, winds up dead. Could it have been a case of mistaken identity? That's for Jessica to find out.

Victim: Marian King

Killer: Sibella Stone

Cause of Death: Shoved off a cliff, after being struck on the head with a lead pipe.

Motive: To get revenge on both Marian and her husband, Derek Stone, because of their affair, while making it appear she was the target to avert suspicion.

There was no story whatsoever for Sibella to know about Monroe's criminal history in order for her to blackmail him into helping her, now is there ?[]

Then with where her assistant was found, there were no injuries on her bodice to show as to where she was pushed from, now was there ?[]

Remember, Sibella said that she does not go near the water's edge, so with where the assistant was pushed, she would have sustained bodily harm after she was pushed, right ?

Then, the same goes for The Big Kill. Both victims , in these two episodes, showed that both of them was hit with a blunt object, but yet, they failed to prove who handled the object that was used, the same in Thicker Than Water, when there was fight between Keller & Zach, to put the blame on Wayne, the knife that Wayne had inflicted at the denouement of the fight was found among the ropes on the dock, but yet, in The Big Kill & Love's Deadly Desire, they failed to prove who used the blunt object or finding the object.