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It's a Dog's Life is the fifth episode of the first season of Murder, She Wrote.


Man's best friend gets a bad rap when a fox hunter dies in a riding accident and the authorities try to blame the heir to his estate - his beloved pooch.


Guest Stars[]


  • James Hampton as Vet
  • Sandy Ward as Barnes
  • Robert Cornthwaite as Coroner
  • Donna Anderson Marshall as Miss Sampson
  • Greg Norberg as Gary
  • Bernard McDonald as Master of the Hunt
  • Brian Mozur as Anthony


  • Dan O'Herlihy and Robert Cornthwaite had previously appeared with Angela Lansbury in the 1955 film The Purple Mask.


  • In the first party scene, spike marks can be seen on the floor as Jessica and Denton walk across the room.
  • After Jessica and a deputy look for a bicycle clip on the side of the road, the scene switches to where Jessica is on a horse and Echo rides up on her horse in front of the barn, you clearly see the complete head and upper torso of a man in a red shirt lying on the ground directly in front of Jessica Fletcher's horse.
  • After Teddy was drugged and bit someone the lawyer tells them that they are positive that Teddy wasn't rabid. The only two ways to proof something like that is a ten day quarantine or by a post-mortem (after death) examination of brain tissue. Neither of these two things happened.
  • After Denton's fall, Jessica jumps off her horse and turns towards the camera; it is clearly a stand-in and not Angela Lansbury.

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