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Hooray for Homicide is the fourth episode of the first season of Murder, She Wrote.


It's lights, camera and murder when Jessica flies to Los Angeles to protest the movie adaptation of one of her novels. But when the producer ends up murdered, she unwittingly gets cast in the role of prime suspect.


  • Jessica reveals in this episode that the "B" in J.B. Fletcher stands for Beatrice.
  • The title comes from the song "Hooray for Hollywood" which was first featured in the movie Hollywood Hotel (1937) and has been used in numerous events celebrating movies, the capital of movie making, and the Academy Awards ceremony.
  • This is John Astin's first appearance on Murder, She Wrote. He later appears in a recurring role in season two as Cabot Cove real estate agent Harry Pierce.


When Jessica hands Marta the water, she thanks her in a whisper, the scene repeats and Jessica hands her the water again from a wider angle. The last sentence Marta speaks before this occurs does not match her lip movements.


Recurring Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


  • Marianne McAndrew as Sunny Finch
  • Wayne Powers as First Assistant Director
  • Erik Holland as Detective Mack Brody
  • Hank Rolike as Paddy
  • Paul Ryan as Ted Lafferty
  • Barbara Block as TV Newswoman
  • Michael Milhoan as Security Guard
  • R. J. Adams as TV Newsman #2
  • Jack Scalici as TV Newsman #1
  • Lisa Hope Ross as Tour Guide

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