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Hit, Run and Homicide is the seventh episode of the first season of Murder, She Wrote.


When a car with a mind of its own runs over a wealthy businessman, Jessica's very eccentric neighbor is accused of covering the tracks.


Recurring Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Bruce Gray as Dean Merrill
  • Lois Foraker as Eliza Bates
  • Paddi Edwards as Lois Hoey
  • Dee Croxton as Cora McIntyre
  • Crystal Jenious as Mrs. Miley


  • The arcade game Ethan is playing in the grocery is 'Spy Hunter' by Bally Midway. At the beginning of the episode, Jessica is seen riding her bicycle past a sign that reads: CABOT COVE POP. 3560. Jessica does not have a driver's licence, and walks or bikes anywhere she needs to go in Cabot Cove. She also jogs every single morning. This episode features the introduction of Cabot Cove citizens Cora McIntyre, who works at the local grocery (McIntyre's), Daniel O'Brien, his nephew Tony Holiday, and their close family friend, Katie Simmons. Daniel has lived in Cabot Cove for six years, and is still considered a stranger by many of the long-time residents, because he wasn't born there. This is the second mention of the never-seen Letitia, the phone operator of Cabot Cove.
  • Guest star June Allyson's real husband, David Ashrow, appears in a small role as an umpire.
  • This is Van Johnson's first Murder She Wrote appearance. He was also in Season 2's "Menace, Anyone?" and Season 7's "Hannigan's Wake."


  • In all the driver-less car action scenes, the car has huge headrests on the seats (to hide the driver). In close ups, the seats have normal headrests.
  • The shoes Jessica is wearing when she first meets Katie on the porch at Daniel's house change when they meet him in his work room moment later.
  • When the driver-less car is seen at the picnic, you can see the silhouette of the actual stunt driver driving the car.
  • Toward the end of the episode when Jessica and Ethan are about to play the driving arcade game, Jessica walks past a book stand. But the books are all upside down.
  • They predict a self driving car which can stop before it crashes like some smart cars today.

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