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Harry McGraw
Gender: Male
Professional Information
Occupation: Private Investigator
Agency: Self Employed
Personal Information
Town of Residence: Boston, MA
Episode Chronology
First Appearance: Tough Guys Don't Die
Last Appearance: The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane
Episode Count: Six
Played By
Actor: Jerry Orbach

Harry McGraw is a hard-boiled private investigator based in Boston, Massachusetts. McGraw first meets Jessica Fletcher while investigating the murder of his partner Archie Miles. Though Harry is initially suspicious and combative in their first meeting (as Jessica was a client of Archie's, working a cold case) he soon warms to her and comes to respect her skills in investigation and deduction. Harry even goes so far as to suggest she stop "screwing around with all these stupid books and got to work," becoming his new partner. Jessica declines the offer, but they become close friends.


Harry is a very obstinate, arrogant, foolhardy, and private man. As a private investigator, he has found various ways to get what he is after. It shows his resourcefulness, but it reveals his willingness to bend the law to solve his cases as well. He has a tendency to rush into situations without always thinking first, and while this sometimes results in a solved case, it more often results in him getting a black eye or bloody lip. He’s not stupid by any means, but his Ego gets him into a lot of trouble.

Harry has many vices such as gambling, chain smoking, and doing almost anything for a quick buck, but these don’t really reflect his true character. It is hinted that Harry is truly nice under his gruff exterior. He is watchful of Jessica and makes certain she has been taken care of. He cares deeply about justice, to the point that he has to be reminded to not take it entirely into his own hands. What’s more, he tries to stay true to his word when he makes a promise to anyone.

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