Murder, She Wrote: Season One
Murder, She Wrote: Season Two
Murder, She Wrote: Season Three
Murder, She Wrote: Season Four


  1. "A Fashionable Way to Die"
  2. "When Thieves Fall Out"
  3. "Witness for the Defense"
  4. "Old Habits Die Hard"
  5. "The Way to Dusty Death"
  6. "It Runs in the Family"
  7. "If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly"
  8. "Steal Me a Story"
  9. "Trouble in Eden"
  10. "Indian Giver"
  11. "Doom With a View"
  12. "Who Threw the Barbitals
    in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?
  13. "Harbinger of Death"
  14. "Curse of the Daanav"
  15. "Mourning Among the Wisterias"
  16. "Murder Through the Looking Glass"
  17. "A Very Good Year for Murder"
  18. "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here"
  19. "Just Another Fish Story"
  20. "Showdown in Saskatchewan"
  21. "Deadpan"
  22. "The Body Politic"
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Jessica is in New York to visit her nephew Grady and finds herself living in a luxury suite at a posh hotel when his apartment has to be fumigated. It's all courtesy of of Grady's friend and fraternity brother Garrett Harper married to the older Cornelia Montaigne Harper, owner of the hotel. Grady is also surprised and happy to hear that a high school girl he was quite taken with, Sandra, is also at the hotel. What he doesn't realize is that Garrett and Sandra are up to something. When Grady finds her dead in her hotel room, he is naturally the main suspect. His friend Garrett keeps asking him for odd favors however. Jessica has no doubt as to Grady's innocence in all of this and works with the police to solve the crime.


Charlotte Rae plays Nettie Harper, mother of Garrett Harper. Charlotte Rae played Edna Garrett in Diff'rent Strokes (1978), The Facts of Life (1979) and Hello, Larry (1979).


The character 'Garrett' is referred to as 'Gary' several times. This is not a mistake as 'Gary' is a valid nickname for 'Garrett'


Regular CastEdit

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring CastEdit

Michael Horton as Grady Fletcher

Guest StarsEdit

Janet Leigh ... Cornelia Montaigne Harper

Monte Markham ... Insp. Donald Matheney

Jennifer Holmes ... Sandra Clemons

Macon McCalman ... Hotel Det. Fritz Rice

Charlotte Rae ... Nettie Harper

Robert Desiderio ... Mark Havlin

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