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  1. "A Nest of Vipers"
  2. "Amsterdam Kill"
  3. "To Kill a Legend"
  4. "Death in Hawaii"
  5. "Dear Deadly"
  6. "The Murder Channel"
  7. "Fatal Paradise"
  8. "Crimson Harvest"
  9. "Murder by Twos"
  10. "Murder of the Month Club"
  11. "An Egg to Die For"
  12. "The Scent of Murder"
  13. "Death 'n Denial"
  14. "Murder in High-C"
  15. "Twice Dead"
  16. "Film Flam"
  17. "Murder a la Mode"
  18. "The Dream Team"
  19. "School for Murder"
  20. "Another Killing in Cork"
  21. "Game, Set, Murder"
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Jessica's involvement in a political campaign in Hawaii leads to embezzlement and murder.

Victim: Ben Kanaka

Killer: Liz Dougherty

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Motive: Walked in on her as she was trying to retrieve the disc with the information that incriminated her in Brett Reynolds's pyramid scheme.

It was brought up that Boone, one of the people involved with the campaign planted a bug in Danny's office, the only time it was ever brought up was when Jessica had brought it up, but, there was no story as to who had planted it. Given as to when Jessica had brought up who had done it. You show the story of who put the bug in place before bringing up who had done it, don't you think?

Then this, Danny's boss has a daughter & yet when it's shown that he kisses her, Jessica brought up that he didn't kiss her the way that lovers do. If I had a daughter, & I show affection to her, I would never kiss her the way it was depicted in this episode, now would I, given that she's my daughter.

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