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Deadly Lady
Murder, She Wrote, Episode 1x2
Production number: 59206
First aired: 7 October 1984
2nd Murder, She Wrote episode to be aired
Production Credits
Created By: Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson & William Link
Written By: Peter S. Fischer
Directed By: Corey Allen
Executive Producer: Peter S. Fischer
Producer: Robert F. O'Neill
Associate Producer: Mike Stevens
Episode Chronology
Chronological Order
Preceded by: The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
Followed by: Birds of a Feather
Broadcast Order
Preceded by: The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
Followed by: Birds of a Feather

Premise[edit | edit source]

It's choppy seas for a multi-millionaire who is swept off his yacht and killed during a hurricane. When Jessica tries to investigate, she becomes embroiled in a family storm of deceit and greed.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

When a hurricane hits the area around Cabot Cove, a yacht sends out a distress signal. After the winds die down, the yacht, crewed by four sisters, is towed in. The sisters claim that during the storm their father Stephen Earl was swept overboard by a wave.

The same morning, a hobo named Ralph shows up at Jessica's house and offers to clean the lawn and repair the house for food. Although his tailor-made but well-worn clothing betrays his claims of being a hobo as not entirely true, Jessica soon warms to the man.

Checking out the storm trajectory, Jessica realizes that at the place and time the Earl sisters claimed the wave swept their father overboard,m they were smack in the middle of the eye of the storm. One sister, Maggie Earl, then confesses to shooting Stephen in the chest.

When the newspapers come in with an obituary for Stephen Earl, Jessica realizes that Stephen is none other than Ralph. And then Stephen/Ralph is found washed ashore with shotgun wounds as described by Maggie. Nancy's incarceration is cut short, though, when the coroner confirms that Stephen was alive way after the sisters were towed in.

A search of the beach reveals two lady shoes which turn out to belong to Nancy, who is then arrested - having no alibi, having spent the evening with her fiancé, a gold digger names Terry Jones.

However, Jessica notices there are no marks on Nancy's soles, which should be there if she had walked home from the rocks beach barefoot.

Later that evening, Maggie breaks into Jessica's home, having realized she gave herself away when she talked about the shoes being pink. Her confession is overheard by the Sheriff, whom Jessica had called as soon as she heard the glass being broken. Jessica had known it was Maggie, after Terry Jones told her that Maggie had told him about the real death of Stephen Earl, thus setting Nancy up to be without an alibi.

In the end, Nancy has jilted Terry, realizing that he really was only in it for her money.

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  • Ethan mistook the number of sisters he had taken to their yacht. He said that he took the three sisters to their yacht, Maggie was the killer, so she's in custody, Nancy, the one that had Jessica saying goodbye to & she left by cab, had left two sisters that were taken to their yacht by Ethan, not three.
  • With Jessica bringing up that sisters have a habit in sharing clothes with each other, odds are that they share shoes as well, so Maggie knew the shoes were pink before Jessica brought up that she never mentioned what color the shoes were, so it was futile for Jessica to bring up that she neglected to say what color the shoe was that she had found among the tors, don't you think ?

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