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  1. "Nailed"
  2. "A Quaking in Aspen"
  3. "The Secret of Gila Junction"
  4. "Big Easy Murder"
  5. "Home Care"
  6. "Nan's Ghost (Part 1)"
  7. "Nan's Ghost (Part 2)"
  8. "Shooting in Rome"
  9. "Deadly Bidding"
  10. "Frozen Stiff"
  11. "Unwilling Witness"
  12. "Kendo Killing"
  13. "Death Goes Double Platinum"
  14. "Murder in Tempo"
  15. "The Dark Side of the Door"
  16. "Murder Among Friends"
  17. "Something Foul in Flappieville"
  18. "Track of a Soldier"
  19. "Evidence of Malice"
  20. "Southern Double-Cross"
  21. "Race to Death"
  22. "What You Don't Know Can Kill You"
  23. "Mrs. Parker's Revenge"
  24. "Death by Demographics"
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Production Information[]

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Charlie Garrett's outrageous bid at an auction arouses Jessica's suspicions after the artist becomes the subject of a homicide.


At the end of the story, Mrs. Fletcher declared the Doyle journal a fake, because the journal talked about watching the immigrants at Ellis Island in 1927. This was due to the false statement that Ellis Island closed in 1924. Ellis Island was open until 1954. It peaked in 1924 before the government altered the immigration law to cut down on Southern European Catholics and Eastern European and Russian Jews entering the United States.

They never played up the story for the auction house owner to investigate the painting, not until they shown in flashback, when the painter of Arrangement in Grey & Red was in the storage room, so that's questionable. The only people who had access to the code number was a struggling photographer & the painter of the artwork in question, so that's questionable as to how the auction house owner had used the code, now isn't it? any one could have worn that garb to be the killer & to show up to kill the artist. They never proved who wore what to do the killing, now was there?, because they solely focused on the verbiage of TIME STOOD STILL, to prove that the auction house owner was the one who did it. The question that I have is why didn't they prove he was at the artist's loft instead of the verbiage of time standing still?


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Wayne Rogers as Charlie Garrett

Guest Stars[]

Tyrees Allen as Sgt. Unger

Kathleen Garrett as Mrs. Serena Rundle

Doug Hutchison as Angus Neville

Aharon Ipalé as Lawrence Mezznou

Martin Jarvis as Giles Havelock

Renée Jones as Reggie Evers

Paul Lieber as Milt Solomon

Craig Richard Nelson as Felix Wesker

Melanie Smith as Diana Barrow

Jeff Williams as Pete Dunning

Edd Byrnes as Kenneth Rundle

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