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  1. "Death Stalks the Big Top (Part 1)"
  2. "Death Stalks the Big Top (Part 2)"
  3. "Unfinished Business"
  4. "One White Rose for Death"
  5. "Corned Beef & Carnage"
  6. "Dead Man's Gold"
  7. "Deadline for Murder"
  8. "Magnum on Ice (Part 2)"
  9. "Obituary for a Dead Anchor"
  10. "Stage Struck"
  11. "Night of the Headless Horseman"
  12. "The Corpse Flew First Class"
  13. "Crossed Up"
  14. "Murder in a Minor Key"
  15. "The Bottom Line is Murder"
  16. "Death Takes a Dive"
  17. "Simon Says, Color Me Dead"
  18. "No Laughing Murder"
  19. "No Accounting for Murder"
  20. "The Cemetery Vote"
  21. "The Days Dwindle Down"
  22. "Murder, She Spoke"
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The Law & Harry McGraw

Production Information[]

Production Number:
Aired: November 2nd, 1986
Written By: Robert E. Swanson
Directed By: John Llewellyn Moxey
Created By: Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson & William Link
Executive Producers: Peter S. Fischer
Producer: Robert F. O'Neill


Jessica gets involved when her niece Victoria is believed to be connected to the murder of her lecherous boss.


The title refers to the traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage which is consumed on St. Patrick's Day that is more common in America than in the Irish homeland.

Jessica previously visited her niece Victoria and her husband Howard in Birds of a Feather from season one.

Angela Lansbury & David Ogden Stiers also worked together (along with Jerry Orbach, who plays Harry McGraw) in Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Victim: Larry Kinkaid

Killer: Aubrey Thornton

Cause of death: Blunt force trauma to the head caused by an award.

Motive: Kinkaid was going to force him out of the business.


The bill for Kincaid's sandwich was $5.50, but Kincaid tossed a $5 bill on the desk to pay for it.


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Jeff Conaway as Howard Griffin

Genie Francis as Victoria Griffin

Guest Stars[]

Susan Anton as Christine Clifford

Warren Berlinger as Jim Ingram

Peter Haskell as Leland Biddle

Richard Kline as Larry Kinkaid

Bill Macy as Myron Kinkaide

James Sloyan as Lt. Jacob Spoletti

David Ogden Stiers as Aubrey Thornton

Ken Swofford as Grover Barth

Marcia Wallace as Polly Barth

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