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Charlie Garrett
Gender: Male
Current Status: Alive
Professional Information
Occupation: Private Investigator
Personal Information
Nationality: American
Episode Chronology
First Appearance: Dead Eye
Last Appearance: Deadly Bidding
Episode Count: 6
Played By
Actor: Wayne Rogers

Charlie Garrett is a shady Private Investigator Jessica encounters in several episodes.

Murder, She Wrote: Season Nine
Murder in Milan Family Secrets The Mole The Wind Around the Tower The Dead File Night of the Coyote
Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice The Classic Murder A Christmas Secret The Sound of Murder Final Curtain Double Jeopardy
Dead Eye Killer Radio The Petrified Florist Threshold of Fear The Big Kill Dead to Rights
Lone Witness Ship of Thieves The Survivor Love's Deadly Desire
Murder, She Wrote: Season Ten
A Death in Hong Kong For Whom the Bell Tolls The Legacy of Borbey House The Phantom Killer A Virtual Murder Bloodlines
A Killing in Cork Love and Hate in Cabot Cove Murder at a Discount Murder in White Northern Explosion Proof in the Pudding
Portrait of Death Deadly Assets Murder on the Thirtieth Floor Time to Die The Dying Game The Trouble with Seth
Roadkill A Murderous Muse Wheel of Death
Murder, She Wrote: Season Eleven
A Nest of Vipers Amsterdam Kill To Kill a Legend Death in Hawaii Dear Deadly The Murder Channel
Fatal Paradise Crimson Harvest Murder by Twos Murder of the Month Club An Egg to Die For The Scent of Murder
Death 'n Denial Murder in High-C Twice Dead Film Flam Murder a la Mode The Dream Team
School for Murder Another Killing in Cork Game, Set, Murder
Murder, She Wrote: Season Twelve
Nailed A Quaking in Aspen The Secret of Gila Junction Big Easy Murder Home Care Nan's Ghost (Part 1)
Nan's Ghost (Part 2) Shooting in Rome Deadly Bidding Frozen Stiff Unwilling Witness Kendo Kill
Death Goes Double Platinum Murder in Tempo The Dark Side of the Door Murder Among Friends Something Foul in Floppieville Track of a Soldier
Evidence of Malice Southern Double-Cross Race to Death What You Don't Know Can Kill You Mrs. Parker's Revenge Death by Demographics
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