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  1. "Appointment in Athens"
  2. "Seal of the Confessional"
  3. "The Grand Old Lady"
  4. "The Error of Her Ways"
  5. "Jack & Bill"
  6. "Dead Letter"
  7. "Night of the Tarantula"
  8. "When the Fat Lady Sings"
  9. "Test of Wills"
  10. "Class Act"
  11. "Town Father"
  12. "Goodbye Charlie"
  13. "If the Shoe Fits"
  14. "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying"
  15. "The Fixer-Upper"
  16. "The Big Show of 1965"
  17. "Murder - According to Maggie"
  18. "O'Malley's Luck"
  19. "Always a Thief"
  20. "Shear Madness"
  21. "The Szechuan Dragon"
  22. "The Sicilian Encounter"
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Production Information[]

Production Number:
Aired: April 8th, 1990
Written By: Peter S. Fischer
Directed By: Walter Grauman
Created By: Peter S. Fischer and Richard Levinson & William Link
Executive Producers: Peter S. Fischer
Producers: Robert E. Swanson & Robert Van Scoyk


Jessica's friend, former jewel thief Dennis Stanton, solves a high-society collector's coin theft and murder.


Eighth of 14 "bookend" episodes in which Jessica only appears to introduce them; the others are Murder in a Minor Key (Episode), The Grand Old Lady, Jack & Bill, Class Act, Goodbye Charlie, Murder - According to Maggie, & O'Malley's Luck. It's also the first of said episodes to feature a previous recurring character, instead of a new one.

First appearances of Robert Butler, Lt. Perry Catalano & Rhoda Markowitz, who will appear with Dennis in his later adventures.

Dennis briefly makes mention of his first appearance in A Little Night Work.

Second episode in which one of the killers also turns out to be a victim; the first was Truck Stop.

Victim(s): Pedro & Langston "Lanny" Douglas

Killer(s): Lanny Douglas (Pedro) & Andrea Douglas (Lanny)

Cause of death: Stabbed with a pitchfork; struck in head with golf trophy.

Motive: Encountered him stealing his mother's silver dollar to sell to replenish his depleted finances; anger when he announced he was dumping her, since he no longer needed her father's money.


Regular Cast[]

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

Recurring Cast[]

Keith Michell as Dennis Stanton

James Sloyan as Robert Butler

Ken Swofford as Lt. Perry Catalano

Hallie Todd as Rhoda Markowitz

Guest Stars[]

Liza Blount as Andrea Douglas

Roscoe Born as Lanny Douglas

Aharon Ipale as Mahmoud Amini

Shirley Knight as Grace Lambert

Dina Merrill as Monica Douglas

Chris Mulkey as Joey Freeman

Ed Nelson as Ray Bascomb


Jill Jaress as Deidre

Marco Lopez as Pedro

Virginia Hawkins as Housekeeper

Mitch Hara as Photographer

E. E. Bell - best known for his role as Barney, The Security Guard on "The Amanda Show" on Nickelodeon - as Delivery Man

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